How to Save a Lot With Wedding Florists Help in Your Phoenix, AZ Nuptial?
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Tips on Saving on Flower Expenses

19Want gorgeous wedding flowers without spending a fortune? Well most brides would love to do that. There are actually ways that you can save up on your wedding flowers. Wedding florists in Phoenix, AZ has some ideas and tips on how to cut corners on your floral order without looking like you did. Read on for 5 ways to save money on your wedding flowers. This will surely save your ass from drowning in the pile of expenses when it comes to wedding planning.

Be Flexible

Don’t get hooked on a particular type of flower. Weather, pests and competitive demand for particular blooms can alter the price last minute for any flower you have in mind. Be flexible with the specific flowers you use in centerpieces and bouquets. You need to have specific blooms for your wedding day so that it can flatter the whole reception look.

Go Seasonal

Some blooms, like roses and carnations, are inexpensive all-year round, but the rest fluctuate with the season. Think daffodils and tulips in spring, or marigolds and Gerbera daisies in autumn. This is one great idea that you have to keep in mind in order to go with the flow. It will surely make your wedding awesome than ever.

Seek Alternatives

Consider alternatives to fresh flowers for ways to cut costs. For example, for one particular wedding, you can replaced pricey floral centerpieces with dramatic candelabras spray painted in matte pink. Using alternatives will surely save you from the last-minute flower planning process. Just make sure that it will match the whole wedding idea that you have planned.

Skip The Bouquet

Consider skipping the bouquet all together. For her something old, you can carry an heirloom set of rosary beads down the aisle. This is something more memorable and personalized kind of wedding that you can have. This is also perfect for sentimental brides who wants to save a lot of money for their wedding day.

Use Just A Few

With their full blooms of fluffy petals, peonies are often the irresistible first choice for brides… until they hear the price. Even in May, which is the cheapest time of year for peonies, they can set you back a pretty penny. Consider using a few peonies to populate vases. You can really use a hand of these peonies just to save a big amount on the expenses that you will be having.

Choose Local

Let your wedding florist in Phoenix, AZ source local blooms, not just ones you pick out of photographs. Flowers from nearby farms are more affordable because you won’t have to pay exorbitant shipping fees and they’ll always be fresher. Wildflowers are also great options. Plus, you can consider orchids for your big day. Not all orchids are as expensive as you think. Dendrobium orchids, for example are less pricey and just as amazing.

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